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Collecting and creating valuable organisation-specific content: FAQ, users guides and tips and tricks on the use of Microsoft 365

During adoption valuable knowledge is created everywhere in your organization. Think FAQs (how to), tips and tricks (smart functionality), short instructions and user guides (‘do it like this’). So much valuable information to document and share! It is captured from training output, helpdesk questions, individual initiatives and complaints. Since it is organization-specific it is extra relevant for all other users in the organisation. The adoption of new IT is stimulated if such content is documented and then made attractively available. Doing so makes employees more self-reliant and has a positive impact on productivity, while at the same time relieving the helpdesk and saving costs. How does it work? Our extensive experience enables us to find, collect and capture knowledge wihtin your organisation and during your own adoption process. We can help you find organization-specific know-how, with templates to capture it such as AI chatbot's and make it available for all users in a organisations. We create user guides based on your own Microsoft environment and tips and trick that suit your employees. We make sure de FAQ are collected and shared with your users. A knowledge base that suits your organisation. Together with you, we ensure that the jointly developed measures for adopting and anchoring your modern workplace built on Microsoft 365 are consistently supported and new work behaviors are anchored.