Remote and on-demand functional supportdesk - a helpdesk for users of Microsoft 365

Supporting your organization to the next level A well-run IT helpdesk is an asset for every company, but a Functional Support Desk takes you a step further. Our supportdesk provides not technical software support but functional help in using Teams and Microsoft 365. Our people help your employees in their digital collaboration (in Teams), communication (Calling, Outlook and Chat) or file handling (SharePoint). Remote support includes answering questions about specific functions as well as discussing new digital work routines. Short explanations and documentation can be sent to your employees. If you have a support desk on location the experts are available on request. Knowledge is secured for the organization in FAQ lists and PowerBI analysis and reports.

How does it work? We have a standardized set-up, ready to implement helpdesk. Remote support is provided in various formats: per month, per call or structural. We can also deliver an on-site desk, with a skilled team of Microsoft 365 experts. Some preparation is necessary since we need to understand where and how we fit in, what SLAs to meet and which tools to use. We can be operational in 3-6 weeks.

We understand the importance of your business being operational. To ensure you meet this goal, we make sure your employees can work easily with Microsoft 365. We’re ready any time with a friendly response and multiple levels of functional and application expertise.