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Employee survey to build substantiated adoption strategy and track progress over time. Insights in digital behaviour.

Our Modern Work Scan provides insight into digital behaviour of your organization. We compare your organization’s objectives with the way your people currently work with Microsoft 365 as well as their desired way of working, to deliver a foundation for a substantiated adoption strategy and approach that helps you get started with or extend the use of microsoft-365.

Wouldn't it be great if you understood the digital behaviour and skills in Microsoft 365 of your employees? How do they handle documents (in OneDrive or SharePoint)? Do they use Microsoft 365 app's effectively to work together? Are their remote communications efficient? The Modern Work Scan answers these questions and more.

How does it work? Your employees complete a digital questionnaire that takes each respondent about 10 minutes. We process the results into a digital dashboard and a stakeholder analysis, which takes about two weeks. Then, in a two-hour workshop, we work with you to interpret the results, making the first decisions about target groups for specific work-routines using Microsoft 365 and laying the foundation of your adoption strategy and approach. The digital dashboard helps you implement these efficiently, choosing adoption interventions per target group and then tracking their progress. It provides concrete input for change management as well as for training and coaching on Microsoft 365.

For stakeholder: We compile a report with our findings and recommendations We debrief with you on priorities, advice and next steps

Wherever you are on your journey of Microsoft 365 the Modern Work Scan provides insight into your employees current and desired digital behavior.