Microsoft Viva Goals: 12 week implementation

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Create a purpose-driven culture where teams align to achieve results with the help of Viva Goals

Viva Goals is a goal-alignment tool from Microsoft that helps teams align with your organization's strategic priorities, understand their impact, and stay focused on their priorities. By using the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework, Viva Goals creates a purpose-driven culture and drives business results. As part of Microsoft Viva, Viva Goals seamlessly integrates into the employee experience and enables teams to work effectively from any location. guides you in your journey with Microsoft Viva Goals with a 4 step program:

1. Identify: introducing Viva Goals, discuss the upcoming activities, align expectations

2. Build: Get started with Viva Goals: get to know OKRs and workshop: writing Great OKR

3. Operate:  Incorporating OKRs into your Business Rhythms and end-user support

4. Customer success: measuring succes and support efficiënt business rythm's 

This engagement is expected to be completed within 10-12 weeks