Frontline Worker Solutioning- 7 Days Workshop

Alfa Connections Pte Ltd

This extended workshop is designed to cover end to end from learning to envisioning to implementation. You and your team will learn how to leverage on Power Platform and Office 365 to drive quick wins



  • Day 1: Power App Fundamentals. Learn how to create a canvas app with Power Apps, useful templates, connectors, and different data storage options.
  • Day 2: Power App Fundamentals part 2. Learn how to create automated workflows using Power Automate, and how it connects to the rest of your Office 365.
  • Day 3: "App in a Day", hands-on session on creating Power App


  • Day 4: This segment is designed to envision ‘the art of the possible’ and further define what the experience for your frontline worker looks like. Brining what was learned from day 1 to 3 into possible use case scenarios


  • Day 5: Brainstorm and deep dive into frontline worker challenges and pain points through design thinking methods. Define a high-level plan to identify quick-win scenarios
  • Day 6: Co-develop the frontline worker solution with us based on the scenario that was identified
  • Day 7: Co-development session continues and proceeds to wrap up with possible deployment and pilot plans

Price is based on the scope of the workshop, it may vary based on available fundings and activities covered during the workshop.