Power BI on Dynamics AX: 2-Wk Implementation

Anantara Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

*Finance inside Dynamics AX using Microsoft Power BI. Anantara experts will develop the dashboards which track metrics such as Working Capital, Collections, and Cash Flow.*

Our Finance Management Module Implementation Package will allow you to leverage the key finance dashboards inside Dynamics AX. Development of four interactive dashboards for the Power BI: Finance dashboards on Dynamics AX. **Working Capital Dashboard:** * Working capital is measured based on the Sales, Inventory, and Purchase outstanding * Are code KPI * Date filter **Invoice Collections Dashboard:** * Weekly open receivables * Current open balance by customer * Largest past due invoice * Oldest past invoices **Cash Flow dashboard:** * Expected Cash Inflow * Expected Cash Outflow * Expected Net Flow * Net Cash Flow over next 30 days **Actual Cash Flow Dashboard:** * Cash Inflow * Cash Outflow * Efficacy for the past 6 Months with a trend line * Net Cash Flow for next 30 days ### Deliverables: * Setup and development of this module * User acceptance testing * Demonstration on the other modules of Finance