SharePoint Online Intranet Implentation in 8 weeks

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Designed to improve internal communication and to address global collaboration challenges, Cloud Intranet Solutions combines Microsoft technologies to drive employee collaboration and productivity.

Through our Cloud Intranet Solution, you can go beyond a traditional intranet portal based on SharePoint Online and all the Microsoft 365 tools. SharePoint powers your intranet throughout your connected workplace. And now is the time to modernize it building with SharePoint and Microsoft 365 – to reimagine the role of the intranet, powering employee experiences that inform, organize and engage employees and harness collective knowledge.

You’ll get a branded, social empowered Team & Collaboration sites connecting Microsoft 365 tools into a seamless, united intranet for your workforce with the following benefits:

  • Engagement - Empower users to participate and engage with communications by bringing dynamic conversation into static info with Yammer integration across the intranet.
  • Collaboration - Supporting employees to work effectively with one another, breaking down internal silos and enabling the sharing of knowledge, information and expertise.
  • Communication - Communicating effectively and efficiently to maximize visibility of business accomplishments, challenges and plans.
  • Productivity - Increasing productivity, efficiency and output of all employees by providing the right information to the right people at the right time. Ensuring information is relevant and up-to-date.
  • Employees - Give employees a face on the intranet with rich people profiles which can be integrated with Office 365 Profiles.

Designed to improve global connectivity, internal communication and collaboration challenges, it incorporates the Office 365 tools into a seamless, united intranet for your workforce

Some common features are: Content Templates Documents News Events Search Discussions Help Desk Picture Gallery Chat Requests Video Gallery Birthdays etc