Power Platform Jumpstart: 8-Wk Journey

Ashling Partners

Our Power Platform Jumpstart Package offers a comprehensive and guided experience to help you understand and unlock the full potential of the Power Platform

Use Case Discovery and Feasibility Workshop: In a half-day session, our experts will collaborate with your team to understand your business requirements, goals, and challenges. We'll identify potential Power Platform use cases within your organization and assess their feasibility, complexity and potential impact and value to the business. Together, we'll select the most suitable low-complexity use case for further development and to use as our contextual example.

Proof of Value (PoV) Development: Our team will create a PoV for the chosen low complexity use case, showcasing the real-world benefits of the Power Platform. Throughout the development process, your team will be closely involved, attending regular workshops to discuss progress, ask questions, and receive mentorship from our experts.

Post-PoV Evaluation and Next Steps: Following the PoV completion, we'll conduct a review session to evaluate its success and gather feedback. Based on this evaluation, we'll offer recommendations for scaling the solution and exploring additional Power Platform opportunities. We'll support your team members in choosing and building their own use cases, while our team simultaneously develops a medium-complexity use case, providing guidance and assistance for your team members as they work on their projects.