Atos || Enabling a sustainable enterprise with Atos and Microsoft

Atos International SAS

Unlocking the art of potential Enabling a sustainable enterprise with Atos and Microsoft. Atos contributes significantly to sustainability across its services.

This includes developing a sustainable digital workplace, constructing a sustainable hybrid cloud, and implementing green operations (GreenOps) together with financial operations (FinOps).

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability offers various ESG capabilities, such as the Microsoft Sustainability Manager within the solution. This tool assists organizations in tracking, reporting, and mitigating their environmental impact. Additionally, Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability equips your users with tools and insights for scalable data management, goal progression, and preparation for ESG data governance and reporting.

Atos advisory services on sustainability utilize Microsoft products and services to measure sustainability impact effectively. Our Cloud Sustainability Manager further enhances these efforts, offering comprehensive support for managing sustainability initiatives within your cloud environment.

Atos and Microsoft are providing strategic decarbonization advice and services to hundreds of enterprises around the world to help them address sustainability. We work together to implement eco-friendly technologies like cloud and optimized IT solutions – and we are promoting collaborative efforts across supply chains for collective sustainable impact.

More organizations today are embracing sustainability not just out of obligation but also out of a genuine ambition to reduce their environmental impact and contribute positively to society and the planet.

Atos and Microsoft improve business operations by: • Reducing emissions across the service life cycle, • Optimizing your corporate value chain according to Scope 3 of GHG protocol. • Beyond emission reduction, we help you reduce costs associated with mitigating carbon emissions, positively impacting the bottom line.