Power Automate: 3-day workshop - AVASOFT


Enhance your Legacy Workflows with cutting-edge Power Automate Solutions

In this 3-day workshop, you will get detailed insights about how to simplify your workflows using Microsoft Power Automate. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner for more than a decade, we have evolved as a leader in offering Microsoft 365 solutions.

Our 3-day workshop will take you through the features of Microsoft Power Automate and will help you take actionable results in simplifying your complex workflows. You will get hands-on cutting-edge automation solutions that will reduce manual workloads and enhance employee productivity.

Agenda: Get an overall glimpse of automation solutions and learn how to cut down repetitive tasks using Microsoft Power Automate.

Also, take a look at the attached PDF to know more about the detailed outcomes of the solutions we render.

Day 1: Introduction to Power Automate

In this module, you will explore the features and advantages of leveraging Power Automate. Our team will assist you with creating basic business flows using Power Automate.

Day 2: Power Automate Trigger Actions, conditions, and looping.

In the second module, you will get complete insights into creating Power Automate Trigger Actions (Instant, scheduled, and manual) and looping and conditions involved in flows.

Day 3: Walkthrough on major connecters and import and export of workflows.

Explore how to establish connections between applications and how to import and export Power Automate flows across environments for enhanced productivity.

Apart from the above-mentioned training and insights, our workshop will also ignite process owners to dive in and automate their day-to-day repetitive operations using Power Automate.