Tableau to Power BI Migration POC - 4 Weeks


Experience a seamless transition from Tableau to Power BI with our Migration Accelerator. Swiftly convert Tableau dashboards to Power BI, unlocking advanced analytics for informed decision-making.

Experience a seamless transition from Tableau to Power BI with our focused Power BI Migration Accelerator, specially designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of Power BI through the migration of a specific dashboard. This Proof of Concept approach provides a hands-on example of how Power BI can enhance your data visualization and analytics. Our methodical and efficient process ensures the swift conversion of your chosen Tableau dashboard into a Power BI equivalent, showcasing the advanced analytical capabilities and superior data visualization options available in Power BI. This targeted migration serves as a practical example of the broader benefits and opportunities Power BI offers, positioning your organization to leverage more informed insights and make data-driven decisions.

Week 1: Evaluation and Planning: Assess the current Tableau estate, including server details, user personas, and inventory.

  1. Deep dive into the current Tableau environment.
  2. Identify pain points and challenges.
  3. Engage stakeholders to identify pain points and challenges in the current Tableau setup.

Week 2: Migration Plan Development and Power BI Design Review

  1. Map Tableau Features to Power BI: Analyze and map the existing Tableau features, reports, and dashboards to their Power BI counterparts. This includes identifying any functional gaps and planning for equivalent or enhanced features in Power BI.
  2. Stakeholder Review and Feedback: Present the initial Power BI dashboard designs to stakeholders. Gather feedback to understand their expectations and ensure the new designs align with business objectives and user needs.

Week 3: Data Migration and Integration

  1. Execute a systematic and seamless migration of data from Tableau to Power BI.
  2. Ensure minimal downtime and data integrity during the migration process.
  3. Perform thorough data cleansing to eliminate inconsistencies and ensure data quality.
  4. Transform data as needed to align with Power BI's structure and requirements.

Week 4: Optimization & Signoff

  1. Develop and conduct training sessions for teams on effective Power BI usage.
  2. Optimize Dashboards based on user feedback and usage patterns.
  3. Sign Off: Review the dashboard, incorporate feedback, and finalize the PoC with a plan for next steps.

Our services aim to

  • Offer a cost-effective way to assess and plan for migrating to Power BI.
  • Ensure clarity and optimal pathways for utilizing Power BI.
  • Provide comprehensive training and support for a successful rollout.
  • Document the entire migration process, including challenges, solutions, and key learnings.
  • Deliver a Power BI environment seamlessly integrated with your migrated data.
  • Help you make the most of your Power BI investment, whether you're exploring its capabilities for the first time or looking to enhance your existing setup.
  • Implement best practices for data connections, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Embark on a confident Power BI journey with us as your trusted guide, leading you through each step to convert your data into actionable insights and well-informed decisions.


  1. Power BI Reports/Dashboards
  2. User Training Guide and Knowledge transfer