Bulletproof 365 Standard, Managed IT Service

Bulletproof Solutions Inc.

Managed IT Services and Support to Make Your Business Run Smoother

Designed for organizations with up to 300 employees and limited or no internal IT resources, Bulletproof 365 integrates the power of Microsoft 365 cloud productivity solutions wrapped with advanced cloud app security, unmatched employee education, and 24/7 IT support. Ideal for organizations that are looking to modernize and streamline the way they use technology without exposing themselves to risk. For one simple monthly fee, Bulletproof 365 offers a complete managed package of bundled services:

  • Microsoft 365: Give organizations every tool they need to empower and securely manage a digital workforce. All in a secure Windows 10/11 operating environment.
  • Bulletproof 24x7 IT Service Desk Support: Can supplement or free up an organization's existing in-house IT staff or be an affordable alternative to in-house IT staff for small businesses.
  • Employee Education: Security Aware training educates employees on cybersecurity, transforming them from targets into active contributors to your security.
  • Bulletproof Security: Integrates monitoring and leading-edge protections to deliver total security peace of mind. If you work in an industry with compliance requirements, you need Bulletproof 365.
  • Seamless Integration: We take care of everything from configuration to rollout, making the process simple and seamless for you.

What Bulletproof 365 can do for you:


  • Most current and secure version of Windows and Office included
  • Safeguard company data on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices
  • Protect PCs from malware, viruses, and spyware
  • Proactively detect and fix issues


  • Document Level Encryption prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data
  • Advanced Cloud Backup
  • Fully managed next-generation firewall support
  • Fast breach detection


  • Enable Multi-Factor Authentication to prevent password thieves
  • Help protect against phishing attacks
  • Secured "self-serve" password reset and unlock capabilities


  • World Class Customer Success Program, increases adoption and enables your users to get the most out of their technical toolset
  • Online learning system delivers customized education modules and monitors employee progress and completion
  • Security Aware program transforms your people from cybercrime targets to active contributors to your security