Governance with Viva Topics: 6 mth Implementation

Circle T Industries Pty Ltd

Fortify, nurture and sustain your organization's collective knowledge base and expertise using Microsoft Viva Topics.

The modern digital workplace is constantly evolving alongside new technologies. In a time when the workplace is rapidly changing, the need for modern workplace solutions has skyrocketed. Empowering workers to ideate and collaborate wherever they are, and leverage the knowledge they need to act quickly, has become paramount to the success of today’s businesses. Connecting people with knowledge and expertise that is current, correct, and trusted has never been more important. The Circle T Accelerate Knowledge Governance with Microsoft Topics service is a 6 month engagement that delivers a knowledge management foundation, fortified with information governance best practices and turbocharged with Microsoft Viva.

Approach and Deliverables: Govern and Prepare

  • Set up your information and content management rules and policies. Apply information protection and governance to your content​
  • Understand your data Use compliance tools to know your content. Govern what may be sensitive or classified​
  • Output – Governance Overview report and recommendations


  • Identify and prioritize Viva Topics scenarios and Knowledge management metric. Start with a select group of people​
  • Plan awareness and role enablement activity ​
  • Setup and configure tenant, permissions, topic identification and help kick start topic curation​
  • Work with the Knowledge management team to curate content


  • Launch awareness campaign and KM role enablement activity​
  • Reporting of impact via business value, usage, internal success stories​
  • Identify improvement with feature requests and update launch plans