Proactive Security Monitoring - Consulting Service listing

CloudWay Services AS

Take the first and most important step in securing Microsoft 365: getting an overview over what you have in your environment.

Do you want to reduce time spent on managing Entra ID and Intune, and increase your Microsoft 365 security at the same time? Proactive Security Monitoring surface information that is hard to combine, in one single report , saving time and increase quality when securing Microsoft 365.

Are you sure you have set up Microsoft 365 security according to best practice? Our expert recommendations make it easy for you to be confident your cloud is secure.

Working with companies all over the world, CloudWay experts have developed the reports they need and use every day on customer assignments.

We see that implementing technology like Entra ID and Intune is fairly easy, while maintaining your security level over time is not.

This is why we have developed a service giving you all the most important settings in one place. Our experts already share their knowledge with the community, and now you can get the reports, hosted and maintained by CloudWay Services, combined with expert recommendations. The reports combines Microsoft standard reports with our own custom reports, so that you can be confident you have the optimal security settings in your Microsoft 365 tenant, backed by recommendations from our security experts. In addition to saving time and increasing your security posture, you do not have to be or elevate to global administrator to see this information, further increasing security when working with security.

Proactive Security Monitoring gives you full overview over Entra ID and Intune, including information that is not available for you in the Entra and Intune user interface. You’ll get full control over Conditional Access Policies, use of Privileged Identity Management and Entra ID tenant settings.

Included in the fixed, monthly price is installation and all infrastructure costs for running the service. Our first customers also get 1:1 quarterly assessments with one of our security MVPs!

Here are some of the elements we have included in the service:

  • Entra ID Tenant settings
  • Intune Enhanced Device Insights
  • Entra Conditional Access
  • Privileged Identity Management (PIM)