Envisioning and pilot deployment: 4 week accelerator


Kick-start your journey to a reimagined workplace with Cognizant’s Copilot for Microsoft 365 Envisioning and pilot deployment.

Gone are the days where you stare at a blank document or slide, waiting for a stroke of inspiration, or excessive time is wasted composing an email while your real work lay unattended. Using Copilot for Microsoft 365, you will never have to start from scratch again. 

Cognizant’s envisioning and pilot is designed to provide you with an immersive experience with Copilot for Microsoft 365. We will work with you to identify key personas, processes and business scenarios that can be reimagined with Generative AI. Following envisioning, we assess your licensing and technical readiness and enable Copilot with end user communication and training for up to 500 users. ​

Test drive Copilot to see how it can improve the workplace experience for your organization. This engagement includes:

  • Facilitated workshops with key business stakeholders
  • Identification of up to 2 key personas and processes that can be reimagined with Copilot
  • Security readiness assessment
  • Deploy Copilot for pilot business users
  • Key findings and business value assessment
The actual pricing for this engagement will be customized based on scope and requirements.