Enable Frontline: 2-Day Workshop


Two-day engagement to transform the frontline employee experience with purpose-built, cloud-based modern work solutions.​

CompuNet's Enable Frontline Workshop is designed to help customers walk through the art of the possible in Microsoft 365 and hybrid operations. As the hub for teamwork, Microsoft Teams is designed to help you improve collaboration and increase efficiency through automation within your hybrid operations environment. We will work with you to identify the unique needs of your frontline workforce to help solve your specific collaboration challenges. During the workshop, we’ll also develop an actionable plan based on your frontline workforce needs to help you move forward faster. Workshop deliverables include:

Understanding customer business needs and goals

  • Showcasing the capabilities of Microsoft Teams to fit customer's requirements
  • Delving into solution ideation to explore personas, understand the problem and analyze Teams features and capabilities
  • Recommend a Teams solution design to implement as a valuable POC


  • Day 1: Microsoft Teams - Enable Frontline: Art of the Possible
    • Connect and Engage Your Frontline Workforce
    • Enhance Workforce Management
    • Increase Operational Efficiency
    • Safeguard Your Business
    • Empower with Devices
  • Day 2: Microsoft Teams - Enable Frontline: Build the Plan
    • Build the Plan Kick-Off
    • Scenario Analysis and Prioritization
    • Value Calculator for Frontline
    • Adoption and Change Management
    • Report and Recommendations