License and Services Consulting 1 day assessment

Comtrade System Integration

Comtrade System Integration helps you design a Microsoft 365 licensing model strategy and improve your licensing agreement management, moving you closer to a cloud based infrastructure

Together with Microsoft, Comtrade System Integration stems to improve licensing agreements for companies with Microsoft 365. Whether companies seek to re-new or subscribe to new Microsoft 365 products, Comtrade System Integration offers a free 1 day assessment, for the companies to choose a fitting and optimized licensing model that will satisfy their business needs and bring the most value Microsoft 365 has to offer.

With more than 20+ years experience of helping companies optimize their Licensing Agreements with Microsoft products, Comtrade System Integration can be the right (Microsoft Gold) partner for companies looking to grow sustainably in a cloud empowered environment such as Microsoft 365.

The assessment lasts no more that 1 day. First, the Comtrade System Integration licensing consultant will engage in assessing the AS-IS state of Licensing Agreements, and use client inputs regarding their business goals to create an optimized licensing roadmap and strategy for re-newels and new subscriptions that will serve the clients' business goals respectively.