Power Apps Integration PSA: 5-Day Implementation

Cynoteck Technology Solutions

Merge your Power Apps with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation and streamline your business with Cynoteck.

Cynoteck will help you to integrate your Power Apps into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation which can save you time and sync complete PSA information in Power Apps, also it can provide all the required customized information in Power Apps from PSA. Microsoft Power Apps is an evolution to cloud technology and can help a company to grow faster. PowerApps has the ability to connect with your preexisting businesses or future systems and services, including various modules of Dynamics 365.


Analyze current business process and system design: We need to identify what features are available there in your existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation module and how it is designed. So we will have to analyse the entire system how it is running currently.

  • Review current entities and data in PSA: We need to check current Entities and data, and its complexity so that we can integrate it accordingly.

  • Meet with key users: We would like to setup one or two meetings with the with the key account manager or team members who will use this app so that we can discuss internal business processes and critical system requirements.

  • Confirm requirements priority: We will plan a road-map on your priority

  • Document technical recommendations: Based on the requirement analysis, we will propose technologies tools to fulfill the gape.

  • Present findings: Finally, based on the entire analysis, we will present the final proposal with our approach and technical solutions for this integration.


Following the workshop, we will start the implementation as per the report of our findings and recommendations. Below are the items which will be covered in this integration from D365 PSA to Power Apps:

  • Projects Syncing
  • Schedule Board syncing
  • Resources syncing
  • Time Entries syncing
  • Expense syncing
  • Roles syncing
  • Booking Management syncing
  • Skill syncing
  • Organization Units syncing
  • Leads syncing