Microsoft Viva (4 modules) : 8-Days Implementation or Training

Data Market Bilgi Hizmetleri A.S

As Data Market, we will provide you this implementation, training where we will focus on Viva modules, one of Microsoft's EXP solutions.

As Data Market, we will provide you with this work, where we will focus on Viva modules, one of Microsoft's EXP solutions, in order to ensure the employee's work experience in the hybrid world and the welfare and happiness in this adaptation process.

  • 1 day (Viva Insights): Improve your collaboration, focus, and wellbeing. Take breaks between meetings, protect time for focused work, and mindfully disconnect after hours. Empower managers and leaders with insights that identify opportunities to improve wellbeing, engagement, and effectiveness across the organization.,

  • 2 days (Viva Learning): Encourage social learning with Teams chat, tabs, and peer recommendations. Help employees to find relevant content from connected learning providers, learning management systems, and your own company resources.

  • 2 days (Viva Topics): Use AI to automatically identify, process, and organize content across your organization’s data. Help your organization’s experts refine and cultivate topics and related resources with topic pages and topic cards.

  • 3 days (Viva Connections) : Promote workplace communication by bringing together news, conversations, and resources that inform, inspire, and engage. oster a culture of inclusion, manage organizational change with transparency, and encourage meaningful workplace connections.