Power BI and Analytics 3-day Accelerator Workshop

Dean Dorton

Create, learn and build with Power BI to enhance the productivity of your organization.

The Dean Dorton Power BI and Analytics 3-Day Accelerator Workshop provides a streamlined approach that produces tangible results

With the Analytics and Power BI Accelerator workshop, users work through a combination of technical and business focused objectives that will not only teach your users Power BI, but help them understand the broader analytics journey for your organization. At the end of the workshop, key leadership will have begun a data strategy and internal teams will have created an initial dashboard in support of that strategy exposed via Microsoft Teams.

    • Identify existing data sources in your organization
    • Determine an optimal strategy for determining insights from your data
    • Learn the fundamentals of Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service
    • Create an initial dashboard from your data exposed in Microsoft Teams
    • Attendees will be comfortable continuing their analytics journey after this workshop
    • Data Strategy Road Map
    • Power BI Training Session
    • Initial Dashboard and Visualizations
    Workshop Agenda:

    Day 1 – Create a Data Strategy Roadmap (6 hours delivery, 2 hours prep)

    • Determine needs and status
    • Review existing data sources and locations
    • Determine relationship between data sources
    • Discuss Transactional vs. Reporting data models
    • Review current need for organizational insights and KPIs
    • Create a Data Strategy Roadmap for your organization

    Day 2 – Power BI Essentials Training (6 hours delivery, 2 hours prep)

    • Fundamentals of Power BI
    • Power BI Overview
    • Data Import with Query Editor and M
    • Data Modeling
    • Intro to DAX and Data modification
    • Creating visualizations
    • Utilizing Filters
    • Power BI Service Overview
    • Differences between Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service
    • Objects in Power BI Service
    • Datasets, Reports, and Dashboards
    • Security Model
    • Creating and Sharing Content

    Day 3 - Dashboard design and development (12 hours delivery with 2 resources, 2 hours prep)

    • Establish initial Power BI Data Model
    • Determine target data sources from Roadmap
    • Acquire and load data into Power BI
    • Create data model
    • Perform data cleansing and transformation
    • Modify data imported with Power Query
    • Create needed columns and measures with DAX
    • Create initial visualizations and dashboard
    • Determine KPIs from Roadmap
    • Implement visualizations

    As a Microsoft Gold partner, our data analytics experts designed the Power BI and Analytics 3-day Accelerator Workshop as a training that actually gets your organization using its data in a timely and functional manner . Your team members walk away with a strong foundational knowledge of using Power BI and can immediately begin incorporating interactive reporting into their daily tasks and reporting. This workshop streamlines the overall user experience and increases adoption and productivity of using Power BI.