Policy Acknowledgement App: 1-Wk Implementation

Delphi Consulting

The signed Policy Acknowledgment App is an effective way to ensure, as an Employer, that the employees are informed of new workplace policies and expectations.

We understand that from ever-changing company policies, regional, federal regulations to industry best practices and guidelines, it’s a challenge for any organization to keep current policies signed and acknowledged by all his employees and Company as Compliant all the time. The signed Policy Acknowledgment App is an effective way to ensure, as an Employer, that the employees are informed of new workplace policies and expectations. This signed record ensures that you have done the best you can to make your employees informed about the expectations that exist in your workplace. Leveraging Microsoft’s Power Platform and SharePoint we can securely store Company related policy documents,

  • MS Power Automate to automate document acknowledgement and attestation process,
  • MS PowerApps to provide a mobile friendly app to review and accept policy documents,
  • MS Power Automate to track status of a given document acceptance and send reminders.
What will this App do? The Policy Acknowledgment App is accessible using a PC/laptop, smartphone or tablet. These standard guidelines can be customized for any business and circulated in one go to entire firm or group selected. In this app,
  • All Employees receives the notification for Policy agreement email annually which needs to be acknowledged mandatory.
  • Notification can be triggered to group of a team/department or entire firm in one go using Power Automate Flow.
  • We can track the employees signed the policy, maintain records in SharePoint List of the employees who has read and acknowledged the document send.
  • Later, Reminder notification to employees who haven’t agreed the policy documents (using power automate).
  • This app also provide deadline to complete the Agreement, Specifying SLA days.
  • We can escalate more to next level by sending reminders and escalation email to manager in case of delay.

Advantages of this App:

  • Policy Acknowledgement App improves compliance process by making it customizable, quick to act on and bird eye’s views to track the process.
  • Various departments looking like Risk management teams, HR managers, policy administrators, and IT managers can streamline and automate their full policy lifecycle with Policy Acknowledgement Solution.
  • Our App solution is highly scalable to any firm’s requirements; user-friendly for IT team, compliance and risk management officers, in-house SharePoint team and other key users; and ready to customize or enchance more with the organization.
  • Plus, our Policy Acknowledgment App offers quick deployment and seamless migration of existing policies and procedures, meaning you’re up and running in days or weeks, not years.

Timeline 1 Week Pricing is based on above Scope of application

Delphi Consulting will help you to implement and integrate the business processes with latest technologies like Power Platform which consist of Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate. As Power Platform builds low-code solutions and uses out-of-the-box connectors which can directly connect with the system which minimize the development and implementation time and efforts.