Continia Expense Management setup and training

Dibs consulting BV

The easiest way to setup Continia Expense Management. An experienced consultant explains how to setup and use working with expenses in Business Central.

If you quickly want to process your Expenses without spending too much time, this 2-session workshop is what you need! For seven years now, we organize Expense Management training for users on finance departments. To save time and cost, we have developed an online modular training through Teams. Users can record the sessions for later use, and we can be flexible in start and end time. We work in your environment and use your expenses and setup during the training. This way, everyone understands the examples and the main benefit is that you can copy the created setup to your production environment! This training is specifically for new users who do not want to spend too much time entering or fixing Expenses manually, but instead give the end users an app which is connected to Business Central, and automatically import expenses and send them for approval. Deliverables for the Base Training: During the training day, we address three target audiences: IT, Finance, and the Controller. The contents of the base training are: Day 1 With IT, we start with a 15-minute check if the App has been implemented correctly. We will prepare them to accept Continia’s Enterprise app for Microsoft 365 authentication. With Finance, we will look at the Expense Types and try to get the trainees on to the expense app, so we can start testing. During day 1, we cover these topics: Expenses Mileage Expense Reports Approvals During day 2, we cover these topics: Per Diem Automatic import of Credit card statements After this is done, together with IT, we move al our setup to the production environment and we are done with the Base Training. Assumptions, Requirements & conditions: Its is require that finance users are present, and recommended for the controller to be there. The training is optimized for a max of 5-7 attendees. If more attendees wish to join the extra costs will be calculated based on an hourly fee. The go live is based on 1 to 3 companies. Additional companies can be added at extra cost. Before the training, we ask IT to prepare an Azure storage Account, with a Blob Container with a working key. Also, we need working Email Accounts in Business Central.