Spend Solutions Strategy - 2 Hour Workshop

Epiq Global

Epiq’s Strategy Workshop is a collaborative session hosted by Epiq experts that will introduce law department leaders to foundational cost savings strategies.

As part of this workshop, participants will develop a strategy plan via a digital collaboration workspace and will receive a custom assessment with baseline industry KPIs that they can measure their year-over-year progress.

Epiq’s Strategy Workshop provides structure around this information and helps you to make sense of it all. Our library of savings strategies is drawn from our experiences within the industry and helps you understand them as simply as reading a menu. We help you compile your key financial metrics and other KPIs to give you a baseline for measurement, and we help you assess which strategies will drive the most value to your organization. These key metrics and KPIs can be surfaced through Power BI dashboards and reports.


Pre-Meeting: We provide a short questionnaire to gather key department information. Our experts compile a draft to help structure the meeting.

Collaborative Session: Review the results of your initial questionnaire and explain key strategies that your department has indicated as a priority, Epiq will help you organize these priorities into a strategy matrix

Savings Roadmap: The results of the questionnaire and the collaborative session are organized into a short presentation, which captures the insights you shared to help you tell your story. We provide a high-level savings estimate based on our experience in delivering these solutions, customized to your organization. A deeper dive assessment, including Power BI Dashboards and Reports, can be delivered as needed.

Workshop availability dependent on client qualification.