Power BI High-Performance Tuning: 3-Day Workshop

Fresh BI

This Professional Services Offering tunes your Microsoft Power BI suite for high-performance, transforming it from its current state to optimal performance.

For all growing businesses, diagnosing the Power BI environment's performance and understanding the steps necessary to achieve and persist a high-performance solution remains a challenge. This offering is an onsite professional service that applies Power BI performance best practices to your Power BI Solution suite.


Defining good performance:

A solid framework of good performance is fundamental when working toward a high-quality BI solution. We look at key telemetry metrics that we use to objectively determine the performance state of your solution.

Architecture and configuration:

A substantial part of an effective solution is choosing the correct components for your environment. This will play a key role in minimizing network latency, improving throughput, and utilizing your resources to their maximum potential.

Data loading and refresh:

Acquiring necessary data as well as keeping it up to date is another focus of BI. We will look at how to avoid memory and CPU usage spikes during refresh and load operations to reduce desktop slowdowns.

Design principals:

We will work to eliminate inappropriate use of visuals that generate large amounts of source data queries.

Power BI Premium:

It is highly likely that, as a customer, reporting will expand over the years. It is vital to have a plan set in place for when increased capacity is necessary.

Modeling, DAX, and debugging:

Lastly, we will approach efficiency of your DAX and modeling. Throughout this process we will be debugging and investigating sources of poor performance.

Desired outcomes:

  • The primary goal of this service is to get to know the specifics of your Power BI solution. Throughout this process we will diagnose your stress points and propose an action plan to achieve and maintain a high-performance solution.

  • You will be given the opportunity to partner with Fresh BI to achieve your performance goals and your broader goals for BI.