Using R in Power BI Training: 4-Hr Workshop

Fresh BI

*A four-hour workshop that will take you through some basic syntax and examples of basic visuals in R.*

Chances are, that if you are interested in Business Intelligence then you’ve heard of R. It is a powerful and widely used tool in statistical analysis. But where do we start to learn and practice implementations in R? Well, FreshBI has created a workshop that can take you through some basic syntax and some examples of basic visuals in R. Whether your organizational strategy leans more toward Self-Serve BI or Enterprise BI this workshop, which can be delivered in-person anywhere in the USA, includes access for up to 10 attendees from your team and is a strong foundation for equipping you for either direction. ### Agenda This workshop is delivered in-person by a qualified FreshBI coach in a hands-on lab and is delivered at your office or at a local Microsoft office, depending on availability and other factors. * Overview * Introduction * Data Set * What Is R? * Installing R * Installing R-Studio * Basic Syntax * Data Frames * Creating Visuals in R (Part 1) * Creating Visuals in R (Part 2) ### Deliverables * Build an understanding of the R work environment, language, and syntax, and objects needed to create visuals * Gain experience through exploring visual design using package ggplot2 to build confidence and competence * Learn how Power BI incorporates R visuals * Implement linear regression to scratch the surface of possibilities provided by R **Note** * FreshBI guarantees your satisfaction with a 100% money-back guarantee. * FreshBI has priced this training without prior knowledge of the nature of the engagement and because of this, FreshBI retains the right to decline this engagement after reviewing the specifics.