Microsoft 365 Security Posture 10-days Assessment


Secure Microsoft 365 and maximise your investment

Get visibility of your compliance and security posture with the Microsoft 365 Security Posture Assessment

There’s a good reason why cyber security is now more important than ever. Our businesses depend on it. One simple misconfiguration can leave an organisation vulnerable. We can automate the configuration of Microsoft 365, prevent misconfiguration and control configuration drift.

What is our Microsoft 365 Security Posture Assessment?

Fujitsu’s Microsoft 365 Security Posture Assessment is a short, sharp engagement to assess and analyse the security configuration of our customers Microsoft 365 Environment. Fujitsu subject matter experts will work with our customers to understand their high-level security objectives with Microsoft 365. Fujitsu will leverage our Microsoft 365 Security Assessment tool for this engagement. 


Fujitsu Microsoft 365 Security Posture Assessment facilitate and support the execution of the following objectives:

  • Discover the current state configuration of our customer's Microsoft 365 environment
  • Assess current state configuration against the best practice security baseline
  • Analyse and present detailed analysis of security assessment findings
  • Plan recommended uplift actions to improve security posture
  • Price of the assessment can vary depending on the size of the project and customer requirements.

    Please check your country's availability. The assessment will be available in more countries soon.