Whole Ledger Analytics: 1-hr Assessment

Grant Thornton LLP

Whole ledger analytics approach using financial data and always on monitoring to assess transactional scoring, account combinations, digital analysis and textual analysis

Grant Thornton’s proprietary WLA solution builds on your existing Microsoft 365 suite to transform your audit process. We apply deep Workplace Analytics through always-on-monitoring, extract Knowledge & Insights across your whole ledger, and produce actionable Compliance Advisory Services recommendations for data driven decisions.

Focusing on 3 key transaction types, transactional scoring, account combinations, and digital and textual analysis, our application consolidates your general ledger and assesses transactions against a proprietary 40-point risk ranking system. Grant Thornton Professionals are then able to identify the high-risk transactions for further review across your entire ledger, saving time and money while reducing risk and churn resulting from late discoveries or last-minute records requests.

Results are presented in compelling Power BI visuals and tabulated in Microsoft Excel. Offering our customers convenient access in the tools they know and love.

Grant Thornton has an experienced team with deep expertise in the strategic planning, development and execution of data analytics and financial auditing. Contact us now to hear more about how this solution can benefit your business.