Microsoft Viva 8-Wk-Consulting and Implementation


Enhance your modern employee experience with Microsoft Viva insights, connections, learning and topics

Discover new opportunities in designing the modern employee experience. We offer services around strategy to implementation with design of transformation programs supported by our change management expertise.

We always put strategy first hence we start with understanding your business goals and challenges you are facing. We align expectations across stakeholders by mapping the business needs to technology solutions. We guide the implementation, support the organization from configuration to content development. We also try to improve and support business needs based on best practices.

To take insights into action, we design transformational programs based on further business or technical needs and use our change management (PROSCI certified consultant team) expertise to guide and transform to a more modern employee experience. We also have deep expertise in big conglomerates in designing transformational programs with impact on HR related financial figures.

We have different services available from (1) workshops to generate insights and implementation prioritization (2) Trainings and coaching (3) Jumpstart programs (4) Implementation

We are giving consulting services in all viva modules; viva insights, viva connections, viva learning and viva topics.