RPA Migration Assessment - Sher.PA

HCL Technologies Limited.

Leverage HCLTech’s expertise in migrating your RPA BOTs to Microsoft’s Power Automate Desktop

"Power Automate Desktop is a functionally rich robotic process automation tool which is a cost-effective approach to automation compared to traditional custom development or complex enterprise solutions such as Automated Anywhere, Blue Prism and UiPath. It leverages existing Microsoft infrastructure and licensing, minimizing additional costs for software or hardware investments. HCLTech is one of Microsoft’s leading partners in Power Automate Desktop (PAD) implementing innovative use cases and migrating organisations from their exiting Automate Anywhere, Blue Prism and UiPath to Power Automate Desktop. HCLTech has over 19 years’ experience with automation tools with over 15,000 automation and AI consultants working across the automation product ecosystem.
As part of this offering HCLTech will assess 10 RPA BOTs and then migrate one RPA BOT from UIPath, Blue Prism or Automate Anywhere over a three week period using the Blueprint migration tool. During the three week engagement HCLTech will carry out the following tasks:

Week 1 – Analyse and Design a. Run Blueprint Assessment Tool for 10 BOTs b. Identify degree of fit with PAD c. Approach on designing PAD flows d. Approach to integration Week 2 - Build a. Migrate BOT using Blueprint b. Create any actions that cannot be mapped by Blueprint c. Documentation d. Functional test case creation Week 3 – Validate and Deploy a. Validate BoTs against existing AA BoTs b. Validate against Business requirement/PDD c. Test case execution d. Deploy PAD BoTs to UAT / Production "