HCL Biz Apps - Salesforce Migration to Dynamics 365 - 1hr briefing

HCL Technologies Limited.

Cost, flexibility, integration into other systems—these are just a few of the common reasons for migrating to Dynamics 365. HCL can help ensure this is the right move for you and help you migrate.

More and more, businesses and organizations are seeking out alternatives for customer relationship management. Cost, flexibility, the ability to integrate into other systems—these are just a few of the common reasons for jumping ship.

If you're considering switching from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you probably have some questions. Here at HCL we have a vast about experience in migrating our customer and have created our own Salesforce Migration Programme off the back of our learnings to help simplify the process.

HCL's Salesforce Migration Programme has 3 phases: 1. PREPARATION - through high-level process mapping, solution fit and adoption assessment, defining success criteria, pain points and planning. Ensuring the right path for switching to Dynamics 365 is chosen. Migrating the salesforce solution only makes sense if the solution addresses current business needs. Alternatively, a reimplementation could be a better option.

2. Migration of data model, data and functionality from Salesforce to Dynamics 365 using HCL's tools and Microsoft technology. • Technical migration – using HCL's tools and Microsoft platforms • Data Migration – using PowerObjects tools and templates and Microsoft’s Azure Services • Functional/Business migration – using the HCL Proven Process implementation method

3. Transformation - of business via rolling Dynamics 365 out into Business units, driving change and empowering users to drive value generation. • Driving change through HCL's Change Management services (Prosci certified) • Driving adoption with PowerObjects’ acclaimed Dynamics 365 University to educate and empower users • Rolling out functionality and capability across the company with HCL’s global workforce.

Why choose HCL? We have vast experience to get you from Salesforce to Dynamics 365. We know Dynamics 365 in depth to ensure you can get equal or better business value after the migration. We have the skills to help you tap into the extended capabilities of Microsoft’s platforms. We have the educational and Change Management capabilities to ensure Microsoft Dynamics 365 becomes an integral part of your business and a truly strategic business platform.

HCL has successfully migrated more than 50 customers from Salesforce to Dynamics 365 and understands what is required, the common pitfalls to avoid, and which tools can simplify the process. HCL used these insights to design a powerful Salesforce Migration Program.