HCL Azure Kubernetes Services (Containers Migrations) : 2-weeks Implementation

HCL Technologies

HCL Azure Kubernetes Services migrations service covers the detailed AKS services build, Continuous Improvement/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), upgrade and other application modernization frameworks.

HCL AKS OneClick Accelerator Migration covers the details around the automated AKS services build, CI/CD, upgrade and other application modernization benefit achieved through the HCL AKS cloud launcher solution.

HCL Solution

Our Automated Cloud launcher solution has four key pillars.

  1. One Repo a) Organized solution structure and framework b) Manual and automation segregation c) Act as a Common artifact management for Terraform/Helm Charts /PowerShell scripts

  2. One Automation Template

    a) Terraform supports multi cloud b) Single scripting language to control all kubernetes platform c) Single control for role assignment and permission d) Separate deployment scripts and steps for each cloud resource to address customer customization requirement e) Environment specific parameter/variables files segregation

  3. One DevOps Tool

    a) One click automation b) One DevOps to control all (GKE,AKS,EKS) managed cloud provider platform services c)Automation of cluster and platform resources d) Provisioning of custom observability dashboard with cloud agnostic tools

  4. Industry standard and best practices

    a) Kubernetes best practices b) Devops best practices c) Platform implementation guidelines d) Common pre-requisites for platform

Key Advantages of AKS Accelerator 2.0 are

  1. One click deployment, easy maintenance

  2. Deployment time reduction by 80%

  3. No environment discrepancy

  4. No manual intervention

  5. Make higher environment creation faster

  6. Easy to maintain and scale

  7. Reduce risk of failures

  8. Reduce cost

  9. Go by principal of least privilege by giving required permission to service accounts.

  10. Build promotion

  11. Avoid SME dependency & Maximum Resource Utilization

  12. Code Maintenance and governance is much easier

  13. Adhering to best practices