Hitachi Solutions Update Advisory:10-Wk Assessment

Hitachi Solutions

Advisory services is an annual service, and provides proactive guidance and resources for success with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform.

In the rapidly changing technological landscape, balancing future business plans with platform updates and user adoption can disrupt productivity and hinder your business processes.

That’s where Hitachi Solutions Advisory Services comes in. As your trusted advisor, Hitachi provides proactive guidance on updates to the Microsoft Business Applications Platform. This includes:


  • Planning for upcoming releases
  • Strategy for testing of updates
  • Validation and optimization of performance
  • Verification of user adoption of the system
  • Assurance that your technology remains up to date


  • Predictable fixed costs
  • Reduced risk of surprises from unexpected changes to technology
  • Dependable, scheduled cadence of engagement
  • Alignment of your roadmap with Microsoft’s technology direction
  • Guidance and oversight for regular regression testing
  • User adoption monitoring and advisory
  • System performance checkpoints and proactive guidance

Update Process

  • Two updates per year
  • Two months prior update, sandboxes provided
  • New functionality previewed and configuration tested
  • Updates are compulsory

The 10 Week Duration is spread throughout the year as part of this annual service offering