Data Management Strategy: 6-Wk Assessment


Six week assessment leveraging data centricity, data analysis and business insights techniques via Power BI to transform data into intelligent actions; business models; and strategy to monetize data.

By the end of this 6 week assessment the customer will be able to begin leveraging the power of the Azure platform via Power BI (and Power Automate).

WEEK 1: FINETUNE DATA VISION AND STRATEGY This step is to further align data ambitions and define the goals, scope and deliverables in the timeframe of 6 weeks.

WEEK 2: ASSESS DATA MATURITY, DATA PIPELINE In this week we want to assess the current data maturity level and the ambition level regarding data maturity. HSO uses its DATA MATURITY MODEL for this assessment. This will be done via interviews and workshop to further understand current data measurements that are in place.

WEEK 3: HIGH LEVEL DESIGN OF DATA QUALITY FRAMEWORK AND DATA GOVERNANCE With the objectives, abilities and limitations in check we should be able to create a high-level design of the quality and data governance framework. HSO uses its DATA INFORMATION MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK for this.

WEEK 4: SET-UP DATA ARCHITECTURE In week 4 we will start with designing the data architecture following the MODERN DATA ESTATE PRINCIPLES. During this week we will have a deep-dive in architectural set-up and different architectural principles will be addressed and discussed.

WEEK 5: IDENTIFY USE CASES FOR ADVANCED DATA INSIGHTS After having the governance, data management and data architectural principles and high-over designs in place we will have a deep-dive in defining use cases that will increase the value of data and AI from the start (we call these the spotlight initiatives). The spotlight initiatives help the business to ‘see’ the value of data and monetizing data.

WEEK 6: PRESENT DATA PLAN All the previous steps come together in finalizing the end-to-end plan based on our principles; ‘Fix the basics’, ‘Run the business’, ‘Build for the future’ including the use Power BI and Power Automate to collate and represent data for decision-making.

** Please note: This offer includes a free discovery engagement period for qualified accounts. Additional workshops and associated services vary by customer and location.