Workplace Wizard Power App: 1-Wk Implementation


The Workplace Wizard Power App offers your employees the opportunity to reserve desks and meeting rooms at the office. This app assists the Return to Work and complying with the Covid-19 safety rules.

Maintaining a 1.5 meter distance between employees at the office results in less office space. When employees want to Return to Work at the office, they need to be able to reserve a desk to guarantee health and safety. The app gives everyone an equal chance for a workspace at the office. The app uses either the Dataverse or SharePoint. Power Automate is used to send a confirmation email and automatically deactivate past reservations. On top of that, the app also enables employees to book meeting rooms connected to Outlook.

How does the app work?

Book a desk

The app shows the available workplaces and can be reserved based on room numbers.


  • 27.0.1.A = Building 27, Ground floor, Room 1, Chair A.
  • 27.1.2.B = Building 27, 1st floor, Room 2, Chair B.

Main characteristics:

  • A floor plan in the app helps to easily find your preferred workplace.
  • Your supervisor will also automatically receive an email when you have reserved your workplace.
  • You can cancel the workplace you have booked or pass it on to a colleague.
  • The reservations are visible in your Outlook agenda.
  • Multiple location scenarios are supported.

Book a meeting room

It is also possible to book a meeting room in the app. By easily selecting date and time, the app shows all free meeting rooms based on Outlook availability.

In the app, you can easily find all your reservations and those of your colleagues.


HSO helps you to implement the Power App. In the offering, the Configuring, Testing and Handover to the IT-department is included.

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