Viva Insights Accelerator: 1-Day Implementation Training offer


IComm's Insights Accelerator Training offer provides the perfect platform for training your users, managers and business leaders not only how to use Viva Insights, but why the tool is so valuable.

IComm’s Viva Insights Accelerator takes your team through the how of Viva Insights, with separate & tailored sessions for end-users, managers, and business leaders so that each level of the business has a thorough understanding of how to use the tools available. More importantly, we explore the why.

Our experienced Training & Adoption team, with their background in user-training, Change Management and Organisational Psychology help your teams understand why wellness in the workplace is so important, tips to manage it in a hybrid environment, and how Viva Insights can help empower your employees to be their best.

LEADER INSIGHTS WORKSHOP & TRAINING Take a deep-dive workshop with your business leaders to understand their particular pain-points or needs around employee well-being and provide them with tips and ideas around avoiding burnout & stress among their teams through the use of Viva Insights. Our Training & Adoption specialists ensure that your leadership group have a thorough understanding of the data and trends they can gather from Viva Insights, and how they can best utilise this information to build business resilience and agility.

MANAGER INSIGHTS TRAINING Our team will take your managers through a detailed training session focussing on the Manager Insights portal. We help them understand how to use the Insights tool to uncover trends within their teams to support employee wellbeing and efficiency as well as celebrating the wins and acknowledging their teams’ hard work.

USER INSIGHTS TRAINING In our 45-minute User Insights training session we take your employees through the basics of how to use Viva Insights in their day-to-day work lives to get the most out of their work day while balancing their workload to achieve the best results. We guide your team through the use of Viva Insights through Microsoft Teams and discuss topics such as focus time, regular breaks, mindfulness and staying connected to their teammates