BRIKHousing: Allocations_


Efficiently manage social housing allocation: waiting lists, property allocation, mutual exchanges, and more. BRIKHousing: Allocations_ ensures robust and flexible allocation solutions.

Efficient management of your allocation process is crucial for every Social Housing landlord. This includes managing waiting lists and allocating properties, as well as handling mutual exchanges, nominations, and various applicant types, including those on waiting lists, transfers, and decants.

BRIKHousing: Allocations_ also manages housing advice, homeless enquiries, and temporary accommodation.

Built for deployment on existing or new Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement or Power Apps implementations the product leverages all the flexibility and capability of the Microsoft platform whilst providing a robust and feature allocation solution.

Housing Association Challenges_

  • Physical and mental health:​ the impact of insufficient housing on physical and mental health.
  • Allocations schemes:​ ensuring properties are allocated in accordance with the allocations scheme.
  • Supply and demand: there is a high demand for social housing, with a sizeable proportion of households on waiting lists.
  • Diverse needs: many applicants have diverse needs and are often at risk of becoming homeless and not in a position to rent privately.


  • Help reduce allocation costs: helps reduce allocation costs and streamlines the letting process.
  • Multi-channel communications: simplifies customer engagement across multiple communication channels, enabling communication with residents in their preferred way.
  • Increased productivity: streamlines processes, reduces manual data entry, and eliminates redundant tasks, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.​
  • Better data visibility: provides real-time insights into KPIs to support more informed decision-making.
  • Automated processes: removes the need for manual tasks allowing staff to spend more time with residents in need​.

Key features_

  • Maintain your housing register: manages the housing register.
  • Allocations processing: handles the entire allocations process, from applications to property matching, and viewings through to allocation.
  • Applications processing: manages the processing of applications through to tenancy creation.
  • Waiting lists: maintains waiting lists based on custom rules.
  • Matching and shortlisting: matches applicants to available properties based on length of time on the waiting list and property suitability.
  • Lettings: manages the property letting process from the initial application process through to tenancy creation.
  • Mutual exchange: manages mutual exchange processes.
  • Integration with Microsoft 365: integrates with SharePoint for document storage and retrieval.
  • Centralised communications: sending SMS, letters and emails to applicants letting them know the status of their application.

Why Infinity Group?

We have significant social housing expertise with over 20 dedicated housing specialists, 15 implementations, 25 national awards and 96% customer satisfaction.

At Infinity Group, we are ROI-Centric. We emphasise measurable benefits, helping organisations like yours to leverage Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 for:

  • Increased operational efficiency: Streamline, automate, and integrate diverse business processes.
  • Enhanced customer engagement: Use tools like Customer Insights for personalised interactions.
  • Data-driven decisions: Analyse vast data for actionable insights.
  • Scalability and agility: Seamlessly scale with a cloud-based infrastructure.

Infinity Group is one of few organisations globally that holds Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner status which means we are recognised by Microsoft across six solution designation areas covering: Infrastructure (Azure), Data and AI (Azure), Digital and App Innovation (Azure), Security, Business Applications and Modern Work.

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