BRIKHousing: Asset Management_


BRIKHousing: Asset Management_ supports and manages the entire lifecycle of assets and components within a housing organisation.

Maintaining good quality homes is a vital component of every Social Housing landlord. Managing safety, risk and compliance of all your assets is a challenging, and often labour intensive, task.

BRIKHousing: Asset Management supports and manages the entire lifecycle of assets and components within a housing organisation, in addition to forward mapping and “what if” modelling. The solution is fully integrated with the BRIKHousing: Repairs, Planned Maintenance and Compliance modules.

Built for deployment on existing or new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement or Power Apps implementations the product leverages all the flexibility and capability of the Microsoft platform whilst providing a robust and feature rich asset management system.

Housing Association Challenges_

  • Maintaining quality: ensuring that homes remain in good quality and meet the decent homes standards.
  • Asset management insights: providing insights into what components are in each property, when replacements are due, complete, or overdue.
  • Budgetary constraints: over-stretched budgets adding extra pressure to the effective management of assets.​
  • Compliance and risk concerns: managing safety, risk and compliance of all assets.​
  • Quality of data: quantity, quality and relevance of data to enable you to have the knowledge to make the best decisions for your customers and business.


  • Mitigate risk: manages the safety, risk and compliance of your housing stock​.
  • Plan for the future: understand the component landscape of your property portfolio and when replacements and servicing are required.
  • Improved regulatory reporting: supports regulatory reporting and statutory responsibilities​.
  • Increased productivity: streamlines processes, reduces manual data entry, and eliminates redundant tasks, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.​
  • All your data in one place: real-time insights into key performance indicators support better decision-making.

Key features_

  • Lifecycle management:​ supports and manages the entire lifecycle of assets and components within your housing stock.​
  • Asset management controls:​ records all assets and components against property and space.​
  • Customisable asset templates:​ development of templates to automatically create an asset portfolio for any property.​
  • Asset data management:​ stores essential asset information such as Asset Type, Product, Make, Serial Number, and other key information.
  • Related asset repository:​ records stock condition surveys, inspections, replacement details, warranties and maintenance responsibility.​
  • Record linking:​ links to repair, compliance jobs and major works.
  • Component tree:​ provides a component tree to view all components for a property in one place​.
  • Custom asset modelling:​ custom modelling for all assets, with ability for 30-year forecasting. ​
  • Integrated communications:​ all interactions including emails, phone calls, SMS and letters can be stored in one place and easily retrieved and reported on.​
  • Integration with Microsoft 365:​ SharePoint integration for document storage and retrieval. ​
  • Reporting and dashboards:​ comprehensive dashboards, reports and trend Analysis.

Why Infinity Group?

We have significant social housing expertise with over 20 dedicated housing specialists, 15 implementations, 25 national awards and 96% customer satisfaction.

At Infinity Group, we are ROI-Centric. We emphasise measurable benefits, helping organisations like yours to leverage Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 for:

  • Increased operational efficiency: Streamline, automate, and integrate diverse business processes.
  • Enhanced customer engagement: Use tools like Customer Insights for personalised interactions.

Infinity Group is one of few organisations globally that holds Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner status which means we are recognised by Microsoft across six solution designation areas covering: Infrastructure (Azure), Data and AI (Azure), Digital and App Innovation (Azure), Security, Business Applications and Modern Work.

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