BRIKHousing: Tenancy Management_


BRIKHousing: Tenancy Management_ effectively and efficiently allows you to manage all tenancy management processes from the initial application, through to ending the tenancy when notice is given.

Tenancy management can comprise many different processes, each ensuring compliance to business rules and resident preferences. Starting and ending tenancies, mutual exchange, succession, joint to sole, sole to joint and changing household members are just a few of the processes required within tenancy management.

Built for deployment on existing or new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement or Power Apps implementations the product leverages all the flexibility and capability of the Microsoft platform whilst providing a robust and feature rich tenancy management process.

Housing Association Challenges_

  • Changing media coverage​: social pressure from new stories and social media shaping the perception of Housing Associations.
  • Consumer regulation and resident satisfaction: consumer regulation changes are putting pressures on improved resident satisfaction.
  • Diversity and inclusion​: diversity and inclusion of all customers and staff.
  • Changing needs:​ there has been a fundamental shift in household and resident needs.
  • Differing processes: when various tenancy management tasks are handled using different systems, it becomes challenging to have one unified and accurate view of the information.
  • Use of unstructured data: When the current systems in place don't effectively meet the requirements of users, people often resort to using Excel as their preferred housing management tool.


  • Make more informed decisions:​ centralised data in one place enabling you to be more responsive to residents and to make better decisions.
  • Enhanced customer experience:​ an optimised solution helping deliver a more seamless and efficient customer experience, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Streamline processes:​ streamlines processes, reduces manual data entry, and eliminates redundant tasks, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Empowering residents:​ empowers residents to self-serve which is more convenient for the customer and speeds up back-office processing.
  • Better data visibility:​ better decision-making by delivering real-time insights into key performance indicators.

Key features_

  • Process management:​ handles key processes including starting and ending tenancies, Joint to Sole, Sole to Joint, Add/Remove Household Member, Succession and End Tenancy when notice is given.​
  • Centralised tenancy management:​ Links to Repairs, Planned Maintenance, Voids Management​.
  • User guidance: On-screen guidance for your users minimises training and makes sure the correct process is followed.
  • Native integration across M365:​ SharePoint integration for document storage and retrieval.​
  • Document management: send letters and tenancy agreements automatically or manually.
  • Customer self-service channels:​ self-service portals for all aspects of tenancy management.
  • Multiple tenancy start dates supported:​ supports various start date scenarios.
  • Transparent communications:​ bulk communications to facilitate the send of messages to multiple residents.​
  • Integrated SMS solution:​ SMS Solution for automated sending and receiving of text messages. ​
  • Centralised reporting:​ access to comprehensive dashboards, reports and trend analysis.

Why Infinity Group?

We have significant social housing expertise with over 20 dedicated housing specialists, 15 implementations, 25 national awards and 96% customer satisfaction.

At Infinity Group, we are ROI-Centric. We emphasise measurable benefits, helping organisations like yours to leverage Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 for:

  • Increased operational efficiency: Streamline, automate, and integrate diverse business processes.
  • Enhanced customer engagement: Use tools like Customer Insights for personalised interactions.
  • Data-driven decisions: Analyse vast data for actionable insights.
  • Scalability and agility: Seamlessly scale with a cloud-based infrastructure.

Infinity Group is one of few organisations globally that holds Microsoft Cloud Solutions partner status.

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