Company Document Migration to SharePoint Online or Teams: 7-Days Consulting Service

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Migration of file shares, folders and documents from your file server or a third-party service like Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive to SharePoint Online or Teams.

The migration of company documents to SharePoint Online or Teams optimizes the use of Microsoft 365, offering a centralized and secure environment for storage, collaboration, and real-time access from any device. This service streamlines data management and enhances team productivity by consolidating resources into a single, efficient platform. By facilitating the seamless transition of files and documents, it ensures that Microsoft 365 serves as a robust and unified hub for effective document management and collaboration.


SharePoint Online or Teams migration is a great option for organizations that require a best-in-class solution. Migrating file shares and documents from on-premises or cloud-based file storage systems such as Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox to SharePoint Online or Teams enables users to store, share and collaborate in a single, secure place in real-time and from any device. Our goal is to guarantee a successful and smooth migration process of files, folders, and documents from your source to SharePoint Online or Teams. The project will be considered completed once all data has been fully and properly migrated to SharePoint Online or Teams.

IT Partner Responsibilities

  1. Perform Data Assessment.
  2. Choose the right data migration approach.
  3. Migrate the required data between the source and destination.

Client Responsibilities

  1. Provide access to server(s) and data location(s).
  2. Provide the required SharePoint or Teams destination information.
  3. Coordinate Client resources and staff schedules.
  4. Provide a dedicated point of contact responsible for working with IT Partner.
  5. Coordinate any outside vendor resources and schedules.

Additional Cost Items Not Provided by This Project

  • Planning and (or) configuration of desired SharePoint Online/Teams solution.


  • You must have a Microsoft 365 tenant.
  • You must have SharePoint or Teams licenses.


  1. Kickoff meeting.
  2. Access to the source system.
  3. Assess data and plan migration.
  4. Start initial migration.
  5. Cutover and final migration.

Success Criteria

  1. Data from the required location migrated to SharePoint Online/Teams with metadata (author, creation date, and other) that can be moved depending on a source system.

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