Intranet & Info Architecture - 4wk Implementation

Kinseed Limited

Make the most of Microsoft 365 with a robust Intranet Hub, clearly defined Information Architecture, and carefully tailored configuration to meet the precise needs of your business.

Kinseed works with leading organisations around the world to understand their specific needs and configure Microsoft 365 to best suit their needs; especially focusing on the unique needs of businesses in regulated and highly governed industries like Healthcare, Finance, Legal and Education. Our team are trained in understanding not just how to best use each of the amazing tools available through Microsoft 365, but how to best apply them in a range of scenarios and situations - from putting key governance and legal documents at the fingertips of knowledge workers, to ensuring information is protected and stored as intelligently and strongly as possible.

This consultancy package focuses around creating a powerful "information architecture" - building a strategy and technical implementation for staying on top of the information and data your business works with on a day to day basis. This involves running workshops, strategy sessions and webinars to better understand the unique needs of your business, sharing with you plans and approaches from similarly sized or positioned organisations, and collaboratively building a plan for structuring Microsoft 365 around the way you work.

By the end of this engagement, you will have a fully working "Corporate intranet" - a Hub Site on SharePoint Online which guides users to find key information and corporate resources easily, as well as a precisely defined Information Architecture, which highlights where, when and how your employees should use Microsoft 365 tools to most effectively share, collaborate and communicate. Alongside this, we work to help shape, clean and augment your setup of Office 365 Groups (including Microsoft Teams) and other key configuration elements to best support the new Information Architecture strategy.

Our overall goal with this package is simple - make all of Microsoft 365 work in the most tailored, appropriate and supportive way for the unique needs of your organisation.