SharePoint Syntex Assessment - Free 1 hour


Streamline your business processes through the automatic classification and processing of your information and data. Realize the potential of your organisation's information and data.

With an exponential increase in the amount of the information being created by organisations, how can you harvest the wealth of information created within your organisation to automate business processes, realise your ROI and make better informed business decisions.

As Microsoft Gold Partners and Preferred Partners Content and Services we here at Konsolute can help you get started with SharePoint Syntex. Our free 1 hour assessment with our expert team will give you an overview of how your organisation can utilise and harness the capabilities of SharePoint Syntex.

How we can help

  • Use your information and data to extract intelligence insights
  • Realise your ROI of your information and data
  • Automate the classification and extracting of metadata from your information
  • Improve discoverability of information within my organisation
  • Improve your organisations search experience
  • Automate your compliance processes relating to your information
  • Automate the security of your information based upon the extraction

What’s involved

  • A virtual call with a member of our Content and Service team
  • Understanding of how your organisation currently manage its information and data
  • An overview of Syntex’s capabilities and how they can help your organisational requirements

Our expertise

We offer a personalised overview of how your organisation can leverage the capabilities of SharePoint Syntex to your specific data and business processes, giving you an insight into the potential future of your organisation. With our expertise in Microsoft technology, we will provision a seamless implementation and business transformation into SharePoint Syntex for your entire organisation, guiding you every step of the way and helping you make the most of your new capabilities.