Microsoft 365 Deployment & Integration: 10 Wk

Lighthouse Global

We help legal and compliance departments reduce risk and maximize opportunities with Microsoft 365 deployment.

When an organization deploys Microsoft 365, the focus is typically on the technical and business requirements, at the expense of legal and risk considerations. We help companies focus on the legal, compliance, and governance challenges that are often overlooked. Our deployment and integration covers defensible migration of data, technology configuration, technology integration, and process automation.

Implement and integrate Microsoft 365 into your organization with confidence, knowing you have mitigated risk factors and ensured a legally defensible process.

Lighthouse provides:

  • Assessment and evaluation of your policies, workflows, and practices related to data classifications.  
  • Configuration and policy design including capturing business and technical requirements for configuration, validating program design, and approach.
  • Testing and pilot with training, including, reference materials, user guides, and FAQs.
  • Roadmap, change management plan, and communication plan that raises awareness within your organization.
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