CloudCompass Managed Service: 12-mo Subscription

Lighthouse Global

A Lighthouse subscription service for Microsoft 365 designed to keep legal and compliance teams ahead of change in the dynamic cloud computing landscape.

CloudCompass is delivered via a Lighthouse online portal providing timely, curated Microsoft 365 updates prioritized by risk, backed by expert support designed to help you maintain compliance and defensibility to mitigate legal risk. Lighthouse offers our continual expertise guidance on M365 updates and impacting your programs, keeping you ahead of the curve and driven by:

-Readiness: Our industry-leading Risk and Recommendations (R2) Report provides a risk rating, impact assessment, and recommended actions for every Microsoft 365 release on the roadmap. -​Enablement: Articles, documentation, and best practices authored by Lighthouse experts, some of the best and brightest in the industry.​ -Expertise: In addition to a block of on-demand consulting hours, clients receive an annual health check, which includes an assessment and validation of your legal and compliance workflows. You also receive our annual workshop, a half-day review of trending topics, best practices, and emerging tech.