Admin Center of Excellence: 2-Day Workshop

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Optimize your licensing costs and security by learning about tenant-level settings in Power BI

Power BI offers multiple ways to access data, implement security, and share reports. It can be challenging to effectively manage multiple licenses while maintaining security and keeping costs low. We’ll help you understand the settings available to admins and users to establish clear org-wide guidelines. Our workshop covers typical admin tasks and tools, such as

  1. Power BI admin portal
  2. Office 365 admin center
  3. Power BI Gateway management
  4. Manage Power BI environment and licenses
  5. Monitor logs

Target Audience/Customers

  1. Power BI admins
  2. Office 65 admins
  3. Individuals setting up a Power BI center of excellence (CoE) in their organization


  1. Module 1: Introduction to Power BI (Optional Demo)
  2. Module 2: Understanding the Power BI Admin Role
  3. Module 3: Power BI Governance
  4. Module 4: Establishing a Power BI Environment
  5. Module 5: Provisioning Premium Capacity
  6. Module 6: Facilitating Collaboration and Sharing
  7. Module 7: Usage Monitoring and Auditing
  8. Module 8: Establishing a Data Access Infrastructure
  9. Module 9: Gateway
  10. Module 10: Broadening the reach of Power BI
  11. Module 11: Automating Power BI Administration


You’ll know how to minimize licensing costs while remaining compliant with your company’s IT and data security policies.


Learn about best practices in governance and administration


*Pre-Configured Set-Up for Your Computer/Laptop

  1. System configuration: A computer with at least 2-cores and 4GB RAM running Windows 8/Windows Server 2008 R2, or later
  2. Display: Minimum resolution of 1440x900 or 1600x900; and aspect ratio of 16:9 (recommended). It is also recommended to have two screens
  3. Internet connectivity: You must have the ability to connect to the Internet outside your organization
  4. Downloads & Installs: Our content and software get updated every month. Download the software and materials 2-3 days prior to the event to ensure you are downloading the most recent updates. Links to download the content will be provided.
  5. Power BI Account: One individual with a Power BI tenant admin account and/or Office 365 Global admin account.
  6. Power BI License: Power BI Premium license (not a must have but better if it is available)

Workshops to attend prior to this:

Dashboard in a Day (None if you are already at intermediate level of expertise)

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