MDS Microsoft 365 Copilot Two-Day Readiness Workshop

Maureen Data Systems

Maureen Data Systems' Two-Day Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness Workshop prepares your organization to harness the next evolution of enterprise productivity upon its release to market November 1st !

Our Two-Day Workshop is an interactive engagement conducted over the course of two, 4 hour work sessions. These work sessions will be aimed at learning what Copilot is and how it promises to enhance information workers - unleashing creativity, unlocking productivity and accelerating expertise and skills.

• Thoroughly assess your current environment, settings, data governance policies and configurations to understand your readiness for Copilot and AI tools. • Create a robust and reliable platform tailored to your specific needs • Enhance your environment as your organization grows and evolves and new tools become available • Provide recommendations on how to configure your existing Microsoft security technologies, which are included in your Microsoft 365 subscription, to align with your data governance needs. • The result will be a well-documented plan for the setup and implementation of Copilot, including custom findings and actionable next steps so that you can be Copilot-ready Benefits • Understand what Microsoft 365 Copilot is and how it benefits your organization • Receive an assessment of your organization’s readiness • Define the most effective use cases • Receive a plan and roadmap for Microsoft 365 Copilot in your organization With MDS’s guidance and Microsoft’s comprehensive AI tools, we can help you achieve favorable outcomes including: • Productivity gains • Improved security and data permissions • Simplified modern IT infrastructure • AI tools integrated seamlessly in the flow of work • Cost efficiency • Creativity boosts • Level-up skills

What to Expect

The purpose of the Microsoft 365 Copilot workshop is to explore real-world situations and solutions for your unique business challenges. We aim to suggest a prioritized list of Copilot scenarios that align closely with your needs and then establish a practical plan for implementing these scenarios. Our goal is to collaboratively craft a workable implementation plan for the prioritized Copilot scenarios.

The result is a personalized document containing the most critical scenarios pinpointed, along with guidance on how to make them work. This document will offer a well-defined plan for solutions, the subsequent phases, and the necessary actions to take.

• Identify Technical Requirements for Microsoft 365 Copilot • Identify participants for Microsoft 365 Copilot • Select Microsoft 365 Copilot scenarios • Deliver a prioritized, actionable plan to quickly address your employees’ needs by implementing and adopting Microsoft 365 Copilot • An overview of Microsoft 365 Copilot including product demos and Microsoft’s approach to responsible AI. • A review of technical requirements and what’s needed to get your organization AI-ready. • An assessment of your organization’s Microsoft 365 Copilot readiness. • Identification of key stakeholders and prioritized business scenarios • A recommended roadmap and proposed next steps.