NfP 365 Fundraising & Engagement: 2-Day Assessment


Understand how you can effectively manage your supporters with NfP 365 Fundraising & Engagement and benefit from a system with scalable functionality which grows with your charity.

Our NfP 365 Fundraising and Engagement solution enhances Microsoft’s Fundraising and Engagement for Dynamics 365 Sales and is dedicated to small and medium-sized charities. It provides a 360-degree view of supporters and a single source of truth for all interactions in real-time whilst integrating with all the familiar Microsoft technologies including Office 365.

Features and Benefits: Gain a 360-degree view of your charity’s relationship with your supporters, whether these are other organisations, individuals, potential donors, donors or volunteers. Centralised contact management, with one single source of information visible to fundraising teams, marketing teams, major donor teams and other key stakeholders, allows for improved collaboration within your charity.

NfP 365 Fundraising and Engagement provides you with the information you need to fully understand your supporters and to build strategic campaigns based on this insight – campaigns that turn one-off donors into life-long supporters. Record your supporters’ preferred communication channels so you are only communicating with them as they choose.

The system allows you to easily manage the people who volunteer for your charity. From the moment they apply to become a volunteer, NfP 365 Fundraising and Engagement helps you to vet and approve every person and then store that information securely. It enables you to document the skills every volunteer has, allowing you to deploy the right people to the most appropriate tasks. Furthermore, you can capture every hour that people have volunteered for your charity and connect this time to specific activities that your charity is carrying out such as fundraising events, allowing you to closely monitor the resources required for each activity.

An essential part of almost every charity, NfP 365 Fundraising and Engagement can assist with the management of your fundraising events. It will allow you to easily coordinate your costs, staffing, donations, volunteers, email