Microsoft 365 - adoption services: a 3 month implementation

Mixit B.V.

A 3 month project based on design and implementation to adopt Microsoft 365 applications within organizations. Performed by industry leading specialists and thought leaders.

Every organization using Microsoft 365 needs to ensure employees adopt the new way of working and get maximum value out of its features. The adoption needs are employee-specific and customer-driven. The first-line worker adoption requirements are entirely different from offices. More so, digital dexterity can be a major challenge within organizations. Microsoft 365 comes with a new way of working and document management, which could be difficult for employees.

Mixit offers organization-specific adoption programs for Microsoft 365 or single Microsoft 365 applications like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and/or SharePoint. Since the employee adoption needs and digital dexterity are different, we carry out an extensive assessment to determine and design a organization-specific adoption program. Our service helps you translate the employee needs to a feasible adoption design. We carry out the following processes:

- Research phase: the goal of the research phase is to determine the needs of the different user groups. We undertake the following steps:
	○ Persona validation and employee journey design
	○ Translation of current needs to requirements
	○ Deliver a roadmap and implementation plan
- Design & implementation: The result of the phase is an implemented communication and change management model based on the five-step ADKAR method of Prosci.  
	○ Communication program to inform employee about change
	○ Training program to technically support employee
	○ Leadership and ambassadors program to support leaders in supporting employees
	○ Measurement plan to keep track of the transition.

Some examples of cases we have successfully delivered with this solution: - Professional services: Adopting Microsoft 365 that provides Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint for 40.000+ employees of a cleaning company that operates throughout Europe. - Public Sector: Adopting a new way of working with the Microsoft 365 platform for 19.000+ council employees.