Transition to the Cloud: 2 Day Workshop

Modality Systems

Evaluate, envision and enable relevant scenarios so you can work productively and securely with Microsoft 365 in the cloud. You will leave with a deployment plan, timeline and next actions.

Productivity and teamwork are fundamental for your organisation's resilience. Empower people to be more productive and secure as they adapt to new ways of cloud working with Microsoft 365.

This two-day workshop will show you how you can use Microsoft technologies to:

  • Provide meeting and collaboration experiences to connect teams remotely and onsite
  • Secure your business with technology you can trust
  • Consolidate to one cost-effective solution to simplify IT management and reduce spending

Agenda Day 1: Assess & Art of the Possible Day 2: Build the Plan

WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND We’ll discuss the scenarios available with Microsoft 365 to enable secure work from anywhere and evaluate your options to leave you with a concrete deployment plan and next steps.

We’ll focus on identifying scenarios that align to your business needs:

  • Envision secure work from anywhere: Understand the customer objectives and your priority scenarios
  • Implementation planning: Develop a plan for Microsoft Teams and foundational security for users, devices, apps, and data
  • Activation and adoption planning: Define a plan including risks and mitigations for a successful deployment and adoption

WHAT TO EXPECT We’ll customise the workshop based on your needs and work with you to:

  • Understand your secure work from anywhere goals and objectives
  • Envision priority scenarios with a customer immersion experience
  • Define existing and desired scenarios
  • Identify potential blockers and challenges
  • Engage in an environmental and workload analysis
  • Provide a list of actionable recommendations to implement hybrid identity, Microsoft
  • Teams, and security
  • Develop a joint action plan based on key results, recommendations, and next steps
  • Provide a Microsoft Teams and Security Adoption kit, including end user training, workload introductions, and support resources
  • This workshop is Subject to eligibility and Microsoft approval, the workshop will be free of charge.