NP Retail Print Templates Starter: 3-Hr Workshop


Basic education enabling new users to customize retail printouts to receipts and label printers.

The purpose of NP Retail Print Templates Starter is to enable new users to create, modify and customize printouts to receipt and label printers, for nearly all NaviPartner´s modules.

You will learn to customize the standard Retail Print Templates which are; sales receipt, customer/credit sales receipt, gift & credit vouchers, end-of-day/balance reports, price labels, exchange labels and shelf labels. Retail Print Templates is the term for NaviPartner´s packages that contain layouts and design for printouts. It is configured in our retail solution which is built on Business Central 365 to give you industry leading POS and MPOS functionality. This 3-hours workshop is the first step into customizing your printouts.

Retail and POS printouts that make your business shine!


  • Module overview and basic setup.
  • Standard print templates.
  • Hands-on customization.
  • Focused modification of prints for receipt printers.
  • Focused modification of prints for label and card printers.
  • Follow-up / Q&A session.

Additional notes:

  • Recommended for 1-4 attendants.
  • Content can be adjusted upon request.
  • We support education in multiple languages.
    Don´t hesitate to ask if you have special requests.