Microsoft Defender for Cloud Pilot Engagement: 4-6 Weeks

Netrix Global

Understand how Microsoft Defender for Cloud meets your evolving security requirements, while helping you to significantly reduce the tooling complexity.

With so many devices, different user groups, and so much corporate data, it is becoming difficult to keep up. A new security model is required to adapt to this new reality.

With Microsoft Defender for Cloud, get the most comprehensive security posture management and workload protection across your multi-cloud and hybrid environments to protect everything, while simplifying the complexity of the operations.


Week 1: Assessment Review of the current usage and services on-premises or in public cloud to determine pain points and gaps

Week 2: Overview A brief of the Microsoft Defender for Cloud and its Cloud Security Posture Management and Cloud Workload Protection capabilities across multicloud and hybrid environments.

Week 3: Proof-of-Concept Custom deployment of a POC environment to showcase the required capabilities.

Week 4: Review Discuss the outcomes along with a plan for a full-scale deployment, with relevant associated costs that align with your long-term strategy.